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Hi Cinelli, please address the concerns I had regarding the reason for my edit. You have specifically deleted the section that warns users to a decision that must be made early on (during partitioning) to ensure compatibility of GRUB(2). Am I overlooking the warning directed at users who follow the tutorial and intend on using GRUB(2)? Please advise or I plan on rolling back your edit in the absence of a reason.

Best, DF


Df, the reason for my removal of the note was because there is no need for the 2mb partition or partition gab that was stated to be required when using an MBR partition tables. I have never had to setup the "needed" partition gap with this type of table and other Archlinux community helpers within the #archlinux @ community seemed to agree with that. Only when using GPT tables is there specific instructions needed. With MBR you could setup the entire system on one large partition if desired. With that being said, there was no need for the note. It seemed to just confuse people and increase inquiries in #archlinux

 -F. Cinelli

-- Cinelli --

Hi Cinelli, thanks for your response. I still contend that warning users earlier on in the tutorial about this partition gap as described in regarding GRUB2 and BIOS-GPT is useful for people like me who overlooked this. I wanted to use GPT for its mentioned advantages and didn't choose to use MBR since I don't use windows. I'll admit that my note wasn't perhaps as clear as it could have been so I'm hoping you can do a better job of including a note mentioning this special case. If you and the Archlinux community on irc have figured out how to avoid needing a 2MB partition with BIOS-GPT and GRUB2 then please update GRUB and beginners tutorials. I'll join up on irc if I don't see a note simply warning users about this special case while also making it clear that it doesn't apply to syslinux, GRUB with MBR and GRUB with UEFI-GPT.

I realize this is a special case, but I still feel as though beginners should be warned about it.

Thanks, DF

-- DF --

The NOTE that was removed was A.) irrelivant to using fdisk. and B.) completely unrelated to the boot loader chosen to be installed. The section right before the note that was removed speaks about manually partitioning a MBR partition table. And then your not (listed right here)

Note: If you plan on using GRUB(2) instead of Syslinux or GRUB_Legacy, be aware that you must create a 2MiB partition on your hard disk (with filesystem flag 'EF02') located before the partition that contains /boot as mentioned in GRUB(2). Please note that the bootloader installation instructions below are for GRUB(2).

Is 100% irrelivant and also incorrect. Boot loader has nothing to do with what style partition table your going to run, and this whole mess of words can be easily avoided by just adding a note after each command showing "if your using syslinux" then it would be this." then thee's less documents to fish through for an answer, much less repetition, and far less confusion. It's removal is completely justified and I plan on removing it once again since now there's CFdisk back in the mix of things and fdisk and GPT and MBR all thgrown together in a simple manual partition wiki.

and also, in your reply to my first response you said that i me and the irc community had possibly found a way around the GPT gap ... I never stated that, never said anything about GPT partitions, simply stated that MBRs DO NOT NEED A GAP PARTITION and ONLY GPTs do .. and GPARTED only does GPT while FDISK only does MBR and PARTED does both.. CFDISK is not a good tool to use that's why we don't use it ever. r It's fussy about partitions ending on cylinder boundaries, and it seems to come up with its own ideas about what CHS geometry to simulate which don't necessarily correspond with what Linux would come up with given the drive in a blank state.

So expect my revisions to be reapplied since your the only that i've heard say anything about them and most of the questions regarding partitioning and the gap partition and such have slowed in the channel compairing to when peoeple would come in completely confused asking if ther ehas to be a MBR gap when using a normal styled partition table like always.

Thanks for you time