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About wiki page Optical_Disc_Drive

I am the developer of xorriso. Thanks for exploring it.

But some of your recent changes in Optical_Disc_Drive could begin to erode the effort to keep away the quarrels about cdrtools and cdrkit. See the discussion at

Probably you already have experienced that documenting the topics around cdrtools is like a walk in a mine field. Originally your activities resembled some well-known moves to fuel up the quarrels. But your exploration of dvd+rw-mediainfo and xorriso without diffamation makes this suspicion unplausible. (I hereby apologize :))

Let's talk about this. (I had the wiki isoftware send you a mail yesterday.) I am also willing to answer technical questions about optical drives and ISO 9660. Scdbackup (talk) 10:54, 29 December 2013 (UTC)