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dm-crypt & pam_exec

Hi, I have spent an hour the other day playing with your Dm-crypt/Mounting at login approach and do have some problems. It is not that straight-forward to setup, at least not with exisitng instructions, I get bash errors from savepass at current. It also is unusual to dedicate a whole blockdevice to just one user homedir (it is ok, but hack-ish since it bends the way dm-crypt and the default upstream mount helpers are meant to be used). I write this because I think the approach must either be expanded so that users can more easily apply it (see Talk:Dm-crypt/Mounting at login, or an AUR package which helps with setup) or should be dropped because it is better we keep to standard upstream methods. I'd be glad to have your feedback on this directly at Talk:Dm-crypt/Mounting at login#archive in case you have time, thanks. --Indigo (talk) 15:19, 10 May 2016 (UTC)