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My ToDO List

Arch Wiki Pages to Work On:

  1. IEs4Linux
  2. Tor Short stub that needs to be merged with Privoxy
    1. Proxy Routing with Tor and Privoxy Merge any material from Tor page into here and close out Tor page
  3. DPI Write up or merge with Xorg wiki
    1. Xorg Display Size Merge in DPI material?
  4. Creating desktop entries and menus
  5. Commandline Tools Research project - screen, etc?
  6. Tuning Arch for Speed Technically challenging
  7. su will have to research this one to complete article
  8. Page Templates Guide
  9. Sample Template
  10. Scanning tips
  11. Arch Handbook Seems to duplicate the Beginners Guide. Consider Debian and/or Gentoo Handbooks as guides?

Cleanup Work

  • Help:Editing Some of the formatting commands do not match what is actually used on Arch Wiki. Also, some table contents do not match each other.

Projects to work on someday?

  • Wild and Wacky Arch Wiki Rewrite Week
Similar to a bugfixing Sunday. Maybe create a contest with different categories with some Arch schwag as prizes for Best new article, Most Deserving Deletions, Most Stubs Unstubbed, Most Mergers, Most Nitpicks, Most broken links to forums fixed, etc? Would need to be well organized in cooperation with Arch wiki wranglers, and throughly publicized beforehand via webforum, newsletter, mailing list, and irc.
  • Arch Linux Uniform Branding Project
In cooperation with various packagers and artists, help organize a uniforum set of wallpapers and themes for all GUI desktop environments and window managers, so that any Arch linux GUI installation has a uniform look and feel, consistent across the board. Perhaps extend to text login entry as well?

Pages to create someday?

  • Securing Arch Linux
  • Arch Linux Packaging Best Practices

Propose Pages for Deletion?