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Freeze at X startup on laptops

See NVIDIA Optimus#Troubleshooting.

Francoism (talk) 19:37, 28 January 2018 (UTC)

Actually, this is not what I was experiencing. Maybe my description was unclear since I am not a native speaker. Let me explain my problem to you once more. Using X without having nvidia or nouveau enabled worked fine: My window manager opened on the screen. After enabling nvidia (or nouveau), the notebook screen froze on X startup. According to the log, the notebook screen was still found. The only difference was that the HDMI port was also found and set to primary (even though no monitor was connected to the port). This became clear after connecting an external monitor. This could only be fixed by then using xrandr or by setting the screen to primary in xorg.conf or xorg.conf.d (which is not advisable since somehow the HDMI screen was later not found by xrandr, until also configuring the HDMI screen and setting a server layout). My current solution is to use the default xorg.conf (no conf file) and adding xrandr <my_notbook_screen_output> --auto to my .xinitrc.
I also do not know, where to put this. It is actually not a problem caused by nvidia or nouveau but by xorg setting the screens of the nvidia card as default (even though they are only managing external screens that might not be connected). Since this problem occurs after installing nvidia, the nvidia/troubleshooting page seems like the first place to search for a solution though. So at least I would add a link there.
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