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What is a 3D Mouse?

"Also known as bats, flying mice, or wands, these devices generally function through ultrasound and provide at least three degrees of freedom. Probably the best known example would be 3DConnexion/Logitech's SpaceMouse from the early 1990s." - Wikipedia

For more information: http://www.3dconnexion.com/products/what-is-a-3d-mouse.html

3DConnexions 3D Mouse

NOTE: The following instructions have been tested and proven to work on the most basic model (Space Navigator).


1. Plug your 3D mouse into your USB port. Use Template:Codeline to check if it was recognised Template:Cli

2. Install Template:Package Official or if you need Template:Package Official (e.g. for Template:Package Official) you can just get the Template:Filename library from it: Template:Cli

3. Symlink Template:Filename to Template:Filename Template:Cli

4. The driver has some problems to get the username from Template:Filename and will output a "failed to get user" error.

To fix this problem compile the following program. It appends the given username to Template:Filename in such a way that the driver can read it. Template:File Template:Cli

5. Download the linux drivers to Template:Filename from here: http://www.3dconnexion.com/service/drivers.html

6. Unpack the install script and run it Template:Cli NOTE: I chose not to run the driver everytime I login.

7. You can run the driver manually by calling it like this (for USB version): Template:Cli

8. You should now have a working 3D mouse in Arch Linux! You can test it by extracting the demos from the driver archive. Template:Cli

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