ACPI hotkeys

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ACPI Hotkeys


There are many guides on how to configure multimedia hotkeys using program such as xev or keyTouch. However, this guide explains how to use the simple utility of acpi_listen and generate your own script for hotkeys.

Who Should be Using This Guide

If you have already used the wiki entry for using keyTouch or just about hotkeys then you should look here.

Installing Necessary Tools

1) acpi 2) acpid 3) acpitool

sudo pacman -S acpi acpid acpitool

Checking that acpi_listen responds

In the terminal, under root run:


Try pressing one of your multimedia keys, such as previous or next and you should get a response that looks similar to:

hkey VALZ 00000000 00000b31

If so, then good, we can now create a script.

A Sample Script

As keyTouch and other keyboard programs did not work for me, I created my own script which reacts directly to output from acpi_listen. Here is the script, feel free to use it / modify it to suit your needs.

i=`acpi_listen -c 1`
case "$i" in
	"hkey VALZ 00000000 00000b31")
		#echo "PREVIOUS"
		exaile -p
	"hkey VALZ 00000000 00000b32")
		#echo "NEXT"
		exaile -n
	"hkey VALZ 00000000 00000b33")
		exaile -t
	"hkey VALZ 00000000 00000b30")
		#echo "STOP"
		exaile -s
		#echo "ELSE: $i"
if [ "$e" != "1" ]
	./ &

Note: This does not need to be run as root, if you can receive an acpi_listen response from a user accounty.