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Aolserver is an amazing web application server webserver combo origionally called naviserver by navisoft.

I refer to Prof P Greenspun of MIT

pacman -Sy tcl

grab aolserver and untar, cd aolserver4.5

/usr/bin/tclsh ./nsconfig.tcl -install /a/dir/of/your/choice

make install clean

[from README] 3d. Once the binaries are built and installed, create and edit

       a config file, nsd.tcl by convention.  A sample is provided
       to get started:
       % cd /a/dir/of/your/choice
       % cp base.tcl nsd.tcl
       % vi nsd.tcl
       Additional configuration examples can be found in the 
       examples/config directory.

3e. Try running the server in a shell window:

       % cd /a/dir/of/your/choice
       % bin/nsd -ft nsd.tcl