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MORE INFO what are the advantages over any other web server?

faster and massively scalable, and has all the features of an appserver builtin.

Phil Greenspun said it best:

notes on Installation: (read README)

compile your own tcl: (example) ./configure --prefix=/opt/tcl --enable-threads --enable-shared make make install

I pop it in my path: ln -s /opt/tcl/bin/tclsh8.4 /usr/bin/tclsh

was a real bitch for me on archlinux this time around after it was easy before; until a guy named frankie on irc chat #aolserver (freenode server) gave me the following:

In aolserver-4.5/configure, comment out the below lines, and add right below them:

  1. case "$LDLIB" in
  2. *gcc*)
  3. LDLIB="$LDLIB -nostartfiles"
  4.  ;;
  5. esac

LDLIB="$LDLIB -nostartfiles"

this now works: /path/to/tclsh8.4 nsconfig.tcl -install /aolservers_new_dir make make install

In /etc/hosts you must have the ip of your nic matching `uname -n`

after you cp base.tcl to nsd.tcl; you must chown -R your_user: /aolservers_new_dir before bin/nsd -ft nsd.tcl -u your_user will start the server on port 8000.

then tune into http://your_ip:8000 and blam! your in bizness