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| '''Device''' || '''Status''' || '''Modules'''
| '''Device''' || '''Status''' || '''Modules'''

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Notes: please use the second argument of the template to provide more detailed indications. (Discuss in Talk:ASUS Eee PC T91MT#)
Device Status Modules
Graphics Not working Intel GMA 500
Ethernet Working ???
Wireless Working ???
Audio Working ???
Camera Working
Card Reader Working
Function Keys Not working
Suspend2RAM Working pm-utils
Hibernate Not working
Multi-touch touchscreen Working
TV tuner Not working

Installing Arch

This wiki page supplements these pages: Beginners' guide, the Official Install Guide, and Installing Arch Linux on the Asus EEE PC. Please refer to those guides first before following the eeepc-specific pointers on this page.

More Resources

ASUS Eee PC General Guide for EEE PCs on Arch

Using Poulsbo on Arch

Ubuntu T91MT Howto lots of detailed information, most of it applicable to Arch