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About the laptop

  • 13.3" LED Screen 1366 x 768.
  • 4GB DDR3
  • 1.3Ghz Dual core.
  • 500GB HDD.
  • 8-cell battery 84wh.
  • HDMI


Everything in this laptop is linux compatible, therefor you will not have any issues installing linux. I recommend Xbindkeys for sound buttons. Every other fn-X button works. Suspend, wifi, brightness works. The video out button does not work, use xrandr instead. Testet. HDMI works as well. The battery is properly read. Use laptop-mode-tools for power saving. You can run xorg without config file. xf86-video-intel is the package you need. I could not run x with vesa on this chipset, it just froze completely. HDMI and VGA out works, but not via fn-F8. You can use lxrandr, GUI for xrandr for setting up video out. You can make fn-f8 work by configuring Acpid.


This computer has an extra power button on the left, you can configure this with Xbindkeys and run something useful. Like I use it for switching songs. The extra button is originally for powering up with Asus Express gate.