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== See also ==
== See also ==
[[Christmas Cleanup]]
* [[Christmas Cleanup]]
[[General Community Cleanup]]
* [[General Community Cleanup]]
[[Category:Arch development (English)]]
[[Category:Arch development (English)]]

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AUR Cleanup Day is a semi-yearly event.

Cleanup suggestions will be looked at sooner if you submit them to the aur-general mailing list. Some guidelines are listed here.

The AUR has a large number of obsolete packages which could use cleaning up. Examples of packages that may be cleaned up are:

  • Packages that have been renamed or replaced
  • Old and unmaintained developmental (cvs/svn/etc) packages

Post suggestions of packages on the AUR Cleanup Day pages below. Trusted Users will get together and go though the list in a couple of weeks after the event and confirm which packages should be removed.


The last AUR Cleanup Day was September 2010 (Source). AUR Cleanup Day 2011 didn't happen. AUR Cleanup Day 2012 is upcoming.

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