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(Packages to Remove)
(Packages to Remove)
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* [http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=9102 lmctl] - replaced by lomoco --[[User:Allan|Allan]]
* [http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=9102 lmctl] - replaced by lomoco --[[User:Allan|Allan]]
* [http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=8958 wildfire] - Replaced by openfire. --[[User:pressh|pressh]]
* [http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=8958 wildfire] - Replaced by openfire. --[[User:pressh|pressh]]
* [http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=9114 xchat-systray-integration] - Xchat is integrated with systray without this package -- [[User:angvp:angvp]]
* [http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=9114 xchat-systray-integration] - Xchat is integrated with systray without this package -- [[User:angvp|angvp]]
===Packages to Keep===
===Packages to Keep===

Revision as of 05:00, 27 July 2008

NOTE: TU's are currently working through the list. You can still add packages but please check the whole page first.

The AUR has a large number of obsolete packages which could use cleaning up. Examples of packages that may be cleaned up are:

  • packages that have been renamed or replaced
  • old and unmaintained developmental (cvs/svn/etc) packages

Post suggestions of packages on this pages. Trusted Users will get together and go though the list in a couple of weeks and confirm which packages should be removed. Please DO NOT REMOVE suggestions from the wiki page but add a comment on why it should be kept instead. TUs will not delete any useful package.

Package List

Add new packages here - check for the package in the sorted lists below before adding

  • apache-tools-mon snapshot-2 - No changes since 2006, contributor seems to be inactive.
  • audacious-docklet - Doesnt work with latest audacious, not needed anymore either
  • btrfs - newer version (0.15) available, released May 29th, 2008.
  • btrfs-progs - newer version (0.15) available, released May 29th, 2008.
  • ecamegapedal - Do not to compile.
  • eclipse-kde - Dead
  • ethtool - package exists in [extra]
  • firefox3-rc-es - package aimed only to provide firefox's rc version
  • fluxbox-styles-boxwhore - boxwhore website is dead
  • galeon - doesn't compile (not even the latest version)
  • gimp-freetype - made for gimp 2.0, not available from official gimp website
  • gnash-cvs - gnash use Bazaar now
  • gnuserv - Deprecated in emacs-22+ - Please do not delete : see [1]
  • gshare - The package didn't function for me with the latest gnome. Furthermore it looks like this project is dead (website is down, source is no longer available)
  • gpsutil - URL is not available, the link to gpsutil on the gpsbabel page is dead too.
  • ii-hg - outdated, probably discontinued as the project website isn't available anymore (moved maybe?)
  • jfduke3d - Is not updated by his author anymore, eduke32 was made to remplace it
  • kanola - probably dead project, didn't went past the 0.0.1 release since 2006
  • kdeaddons4 - made and submited in 2006, better solutions for kde4 now
  • kdeedu4 - same as kdeaddons4
  • kdepim4 - same as kdeaddons4
  • kdeless - splited by his maintainer into other package
  • lam 7.1.3-1 - Doesn't compile and is orphaned. The successor openmpi works.
  • libqglviewer-latest - the same package as libqglviewer
  • linuxdcpp-cvs - Old, orphaned CVS version of a package in community
  • madman-devel - problem with Faad, use git now
  • mc-bash32 - old, orphaned, not working download
  • mencode - outdated, tells aur is its homepage
    • The package is to install a perl script included in the AUR tarball so it doesn't really have a home page. So it could be kept if the script can still be useful or, at least, the script could be moved to the wiki if there is a page for scripts. --Snowman
  • menu - was replace by menu-xdg
  • menu-xdg - renamed to archlinux-xdg-menu and moved to community
  • mlame - just a small bash script, no project page, could be moved to the wiki maybe
  • mouseemu - Project not updated since 2006; xautomation also allows mouse emulation.
  • mpd-pausemode - "Website" is orig. contributor's email addr.; orphaned by this contributor, so presumably no longer developed.
  • netscape-navigator - closed-sources, end of support by netscape
  • org - Out of date; also, included in Emacs 22+
  • netwmpager - I just orphaned this community package. Home page has disappeared. I think source can still be found on Debian mirrors though. See comments in AUR. It might be wise to move it to unsupported or remove completely unless a TU wants to adopt it. --Snowman
  • netkit-ftp - package exists in [extra]
  • poppler-qt4 - use old Qt4 from community
  • pynealpm - use old libalpm
  • ppm2mpeg - included in xvidcap
  • qgnokii - depend on qt3 but still use depend=(qt)
  • rt61-cvs - This driver is included in linus's tree and is therefore obsolete
  • sharpmusique - source is not available anymore
  • sidplay - Website is unreachable --Doc Angelo
  • sonic-rainbow - dead project, does not compile --Snowman
  • http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=12451 - depend on kernel26 and was not update since 1 year...
  • stepmania-bin - orphan, replaced by stepmania
  • swt-devel - I only created it to compile tuxguitar against it, but that's not needed. And it seems nobody is using it.
  • viki-svn - old, pkgbuild is broken
  • vim-colorschemes - Mirror says 404, there is vim-colorsamplerpack in [extra]
  • virtualbox_bin - It seems the maintainer hasn't been updating the package and thotypous has been posting links to newer packages in the comments section. Perhaps the package needs a new maintainer?
  • pidgimpd-svn - This package is orphaned and it doesn't build. There is mpd support in musictracker.
  • weather-wallpaper - orphaned and references as dep non-existing pymetar
  • xen3 - appears to be a duplicate of community/xen (or perhaps it needs a more descriptive name)
  • xscreensaver-arch - did not work, patchs are outdate
  • ymessenger - no update since 3 years, PKGBUILD license is GPL !?

TU Working Area

For editing by TUs only! The wiki has a history so do not think you can get away with ignoring this... --Allan

Packages to Remove

  • fvwm-trans last updated over 2 years ago and replaced with fvwm-patched in AUR --pressh (I think one feature that is patched is in fvwm by default now, the other is in fvwm-patched too. If user does not want all the patched they can disable the ones they don't want from fvwm-patched)
  • jacman - Jacman doesn't work correctly with pacman3. --Partition
  • slim-theme-darch - in archlinux-themes-slim --Allan

In community:

Packages to Keep

  • mplayer-w32codecs - not duplicate package as has more codecs than the "codecs" package.
    • Should rename to "codecs-extra" and not provide same files as codecs package --Allan

Remove from Filesystem

This is a list of files on the AUR filesystem that have been created when poorly formed packages were uploaded. This is a secondary consideration.

There are also directories in /packages/ for which the package no longer exists. These probably need to be removed as well. Examples are 4c, 1394commander and 8kingdoms. Also, all the packages that moved to community ALSO still exist here; for example 915resolution. A complete list of these directories can be found here

/packages/exiftool/exiftool-7.13.tar.gz (/packages/exiftool/exiftool.tar.gz has been uploaded & works)

Remove from Filesystem (AUR Bugs)

This is a list of files that need to be removed due to AUR bugs as they hinder proper submission and maintenance of packages.

AUR Bugs


/packages/lib32-dbus is now in community - Allan