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NOTE: TU's are currently working through the list. You can still add packages but please check the whole page first.

The AUR has a large number of obsolete packages which could use cleaning up. Examples of packages that may be cleaned up are:

  • packages that have been renamed or replaced
  • old and unmaintained developmental (cvs/svn/etc) packages

Post suggestions of packages on this pages. Trusted Users will get together and go though the list in a couple of weeks and confirm which packages should be removed. Please DO NOT REMOVE suggestions from the wiki page but add a comment on why it should be kept instead. TUs will not delete any useful package.

Package List

Add new packages here - check for the package in the sorted lists below before adding

  • 9base-devel - Hasn't been update since 25/12/2005. I think its not needed.
  • advi - seems to be unmaintainable for the following reasons
    • The newest version 1.7.3 needs camlimages 3.0.0, which cannot be found on the net
    • camlimages' cvs-sources do not compile
    • package advi 1.6.0 has a patchfile of 102k size
  • ampache-devel - Out of date since 08/19/07. It is also the stable branch, not development branch.
  • azrael - dead project, does not compile
  • e16keyedit - Outdated, never updated since Tue, 05 Jul 2005
  • ecamegapedal - Do not to compile.
  • eclipse-kde - Dead
  • galeon - doesn't compile (not even the latest version)
  • gnuserv - Deprecated in emacs-22+
  • gshare - The package didn't function for me with the latest gnome. Furthermore it looks like this project is dead (website is down, source is no longer available)
  • ii-hg - outdated, probably discontinued as the project website isn't available anymore (moved maybe?)
  • ion-modules - ion3 is not part of official repos anymore so i dont see why this should stay here. I hope AUR CleanUp involves [community].
  • ionice - part of util-linux-ng
  • jabberd1* - jabberd v.2 is in extra
    • jabberd14 and jabberd2 are separate projects (both under active development).
  • jacman - Currently broken: should we remove it?
  • jfduke3d - Is not updated by his author anymore, eduke32 was made to remplace it
  • kanola - probably dead project, didn't went past the 0.0.1 release since 2006
  • kdenlive 0.5_1-1 - out-of-date, doesn't compile
    • Latest stable version is 0.5, last updated in AUR on Sun, 09 Mar 2008 --Doc Angelo
    • It's not even out of date, nor duplicate of another package – 6xx
  • kernel26thinkpad - obsolete, out of date since 2006
  • lam 7.1.3-1 - Doesn't compile and is orphaned. The successor openmpi works.
  • libdvbpsi 20041028-1 - Old, recent version in extra
  • libqglviewer-latest - the same package as libqglviewer
  • linuxdcpp-cvs - Old, orphaned CVS version of a package in community
  • linux-uvc-isight and linux-uvc-isight-svn - Outdated, linux-uvc-svn does the same thing
  • lmms-cvs - Orphan, outdated, and project switched to svn.
  • mencode - outdated, tells aur is its homepage
  • mlame - just a small bash script, no project page, could be moved to the wiki maybe
  • moaceyahoo - Dead project. Will post new one, someday.
  • mouseemu - Project not updated since 2006; xautomation also allows mouse emulation.
  • mpd-pausemode - "Website" is orig. contributor's email addr.; orphaned by this contributor, so presumably no longer developed.
  • mutt-cvs - mutt switched to mercurial a while back; way outdated anyway.
  • netscape-navigator - Not supported upstream anymore making it vulnerable to security issues.
    • Can be used for web development – 6xx
    • For composer functionality, seamonkey does a better job.
  • openarena - Obsolete, remplaced by openarena-bin
  • openssh-snapshot - Not needed anymore
  • org - Out of date; also, included in Emacs 22+
  • perl-data-dumper - Included in core perl
  • pidgin-xfire - Broke; Replaced by pidgin-gfire.
  • Qgrubeditor - Dead Project replace by Kgrubeditor
  • rb_libtorrent-svn - not needed, strange download location
  • rs_rtorrent - duplicate package, already in [community]
  • rox-session - Very out of date
  • rt61-cvs - This driver is included in linus's tree and is therefore obsolete
  • slim_pam - just slim with extra configure option
  • slim-theme-darch - in archlinux-themes-slim
  • sonic-rainbow - dead project, does not compile
  • stepmania-bin - orphan, replaced by stepmania
  • swiftfox-pentium2 - obsolete for a long time.
  • Super Mario War - The source is no longer hosted through svn. Could be easily updated though...
  • supertux-svn - It won't compile since it uses cmake insted of jam ... it must be easy to update
  • swiftfox-* 2.x optimized builds of various Mozilla products; several are orphaned and out-of-date. swiftfox3 available.
  • swt-devel - I only created it to compile tuxguitar against it, but that's not needed. And it seems nobody is using it.
  • viki-svn - old, pkgbuild is broken
  • wicd-svn - Outdated, wicd on repository extra is newer.
    • Does the project still use SVN? If so, then this package is useful. --Slash
    • Yes, definitely not a candidate. However, PKGBUILD needs updating. --schiv
  • ximian-openoffice - Ximian port of OpenOffice 1.x. Users should use the more secure OpenOffice 2.x. Also Ximian openoffice is what is now known as ooo-build.
  • pidgimpd-svn - This package is orphaned and it doesn't build. There is mpd support in musictracker.
  • sylpheed-devel - Outdated for a long time. Remove or make orphnaned.
  • sizzle - No upstream maintenance, does not compile.
  • smssend - The project url links to a holding site

TU Working Area

For editing by TUs only! The wiki has a history so do not think you can get away with ignoring this... --Allan

Packages to Remove

Packages to Keep

Remove from Filesystem

This is a list of files on the AUR filesystem that have been created when poorly formed packages were uploaded. This is a secondary consideration.


Remove from Filesystem (AUR Bugs)

This is a list of files that need to be removed due to AUR bugs as they hinder proper submission and maintenance of packages.

AUR Bugs


/packages/lib32-dbus is now in community - Allan