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This is an index of AUR helper scripts that help search and/or build packages from the AUR. None of these scripts are officially supported.

AUR Helpers

  • Arson is the "HOT AUR search helper", providing simple access to AUR packages. You have to run makepkg manually.
  • aurbuild is a tool written in Python to download and build packages from the AUR.
  • aurploader is a tool to upload packages to the AUR automatically from the command line.
  • aurshell is a shell written in Python. With plugins included, it's possible to use AUR, ABS and even wrap pacman.
  • autoaur A small script for downloading and building more than one package.
  • makeaur A very small, minimalistic script for installing packages from AUR.
  • pbget is a tool to download PKGBUILD and local source files for both the official repos and the AUR.
  • Yaourt (Yet AnOther User Repository Tool) is arguably the most widely used helper.