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In order to display information in the [[AUR]] web interface, the AUR's back-end code attempts to parse [[PKGBUILD]] files and salvage package name, version, and other information from it. {{ic|PKGBUILD}}s are [[Bash]] scripts, and correctly parsing Bash scripts without executing them is a huge challenge, which is why [[makepkg]] is a Bash script itself: it includes the PKGBUILD of the package being built via the {{ic|source}} directive. AUR metadata files were created to get rid of some hacks, used by AUR package maintainers to work around incorrect parsing in the web interface. See also {{Bug|25210}}, {{Bug|15043}}, and {{Bug|16394}}.
== How it works ==
By adding a metadata file called ".AURINFO" to source tarballs to overwrite specific PKGBUILD fields. The format of this file is described in the [https://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-dev/2013-March/002428.html AUR 2.1.0 release announcement]. {{ic|.AURINFO}} files are parsed line-by-line. The syntax for each line is {{ic|1=key = value}}, where {{ic|key}} is any of the following field names:
* pkgname
* pkgver
* pkgdesc
* url
* license
* depend (to be renamed ''depends'' in a future AUR release)
Fields with other names are ignored. Multiple {{ic|depend}} lines can be specified to add multiple dependencies. This format closely matches the {{ic|.PKGINFO}} format that is used for binary packages in [[pacman|pacman/libalpm]]. It can be extended by field name prefixes or sections to support split packages later.
== Working with makepkg --source ==
Note that {{ic|makepkg --source}} will not automatically include an .AURINFO file that you've created in the src tarball.  You can fix this by adding {{ic|.AURINFO}} to the {{ic|source}} array in your {{ic|PKGBUILD}}.
  source=(.AURINFO ...)
  md5sums=(SKIP ...)
== What does not work ==
* Split packages
* Multiple architectures ({{ic|x86_64}} dependencies tend to be more numerous, so just put them)
== pkgbuild_reflection and mkaurball ==
[https://github.com/falconindy/pkgbuild-introspection pkgbuild-introspection] is a set of tools for generating {{ic|.AURINFO}} files. One of the provided tools is {{ic|mkaurball}}, which is a script that runs {{ic|makepkg --source}}, generates an {{ic|.AURINFO}} file, and inserts it into the resulting source package.
{{Tip|{{ic|mkaurball}} is a wrapper for {{ic|makepkg --source}}. When creating source packages for inclusion in the [[AUR]], use {{ic|mkaurball}} instead of running {{ic|makepkg --source}} directly.}}
[[pacman|Install]] the package {{AUR|pkgbuild-introspection-git}} from the Arch User Repository.
== See also ==
* https://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-general/2014-January/026720.html

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