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Common Questions

What is AUR?

AUR (Arch User Repository) is a place where the Arch Linux community can upload PKGBUILDs of applications, libraries, etc., and share them with the entire community. Fellow users can then vote for their favorites to get into the Community repository to be shared with Arch Linux users in binary form.

What is a TU?

A TU (Trusted User) is a person who is chosen to oversee AUR and the Community repository. They're the ones who put the highest voted PKGBUILDs in Community, mark PKGBUILDs as safe and overall keep AUR running.

What's the difference between Unsupported and Community?

Unsupported is where all the PKGBUILDs that users submit, with these you have to manually build with makepkg. When PKGBUILDs get enough votes they go into the Community repository, where the TUs maintain them and pacman can be used as they are now binary packages.

How many votes does it take to get a PKGBUILD into Community?

It usually take around 25 votes for something to get into Community. An exception to this is if an app is developed on Arch Linux and if a TU wants to put it in Community it'll go into the repository.

Where do I look to find out how to make a PKGBUILD?

The best place to look is here. Remember to look in AUR before creating the PKGBUILD as to not duplicate efforts.

Common Problems

I'm trying to do pacman -S foo, it isn't working but I know it's in Community

You probably haven't enabled Community in your /etc/pacman.conf. Just uncomment the relevant lines.

Foo in AUR is outdated, what do I do?

For starters you can flag it out-of-date. If it stays out of date for an extended amount of time the best thing to do is email the maintainer. If after no response from the maintainer you could mail to the aur-general mailing list to have a TU orphan the PKGBUILD if you're willing to maintain it yourself.

I have a PKGBUILD I would like to submit, can someone check it to see if there are any errors?

If you would like to have your PKGBUILD commented on post it on the AUR Mailing List to get feedback from the TUs and fellow AUR members. You could also get help from the gang over at the irc channel, #archlinux. You can also use namcap to check your PKGBUILD and the pkg.tar.gz for errors.

Foo in AUR doesn't compile when I do makepkg, what should I do?

Well, first off make sure to do pacman -Syu before compiling anything with makepkg as the problem may be that your system is not up to date. If that's not it, report it to the maintainer.

How do I access unsupported packages?

See here

How can I upload to AUR without using the web interface?

You can use [aurup] which is a command-line interface.