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[[Category:Package development]]
Since the AUR and this document are still works in progress, please notify me (neotuli) before making any changes. Thanks
:See [https://projects.archlinux.org/aur.git/tree/TRANSLATING TRANSLATING] in the AUR source tree for the most up to date, and relevant information.
:''This document describes how to create and maintain AUR translations.''
Although this document describes the current way to make an AUR translation, there may be major changes to the way this works (such as interactive-prompting based translation), within the next few releases of the AUR. Rather than jumping on it now, and having to do some work over again later, I suggest you sit tight and wait until these changes are made.
:''All you need is yourself, git, and python.''
This document describes how one should go about producing a translation for the AUR system.
* CHECK OUT the web related AUR files from the project subversion server
svn co ~http://xentac.net/svn/aur/trunk/web aur-web
* CD to aur-web/ , all paths from here on in this document are relative to it
* EDIT lib/aur.inc, find the $SUPPORTED_LANGS array (it's towards the beginning of the file), and add your language to it, following the same format as the other languages.
\"ABBREV\" => \"LANG_NAME\",
Where: ABBREV is the ISO 639-1 Alpha-2 abbreviation for the language, and LANG_NAME is the native name of the language
*ADD your translations to every file .inc file in lang/ , once again, use the existing translations as models when in doubt. Translation lines should be of the following form
$''t~[[\"ABBREV\"]]~[[\"GENERAL''LINE\"]] = \"TRANSLATED_LINE\";
Where: ABBREV is the same two-letter ABBREV you used earlier, GENERAL''LINE is the English version of the line to be translated, and TRANSLATED''LINE is the translation of GENERAL_LINE into your language.
When creating your translated lines, please note that there are some escaped sequences. %s indicates a string that goes there at run time (like a username) and %h indicates HTML code that goes there at run time. These will appear in the general_line if needed, and you should try to translate and include them in the translation accordingly. As well, please note that any double quotes(\") in the translated line MUST be escaped with a backslash (\).
* SEND a patch of your translations, as well as your contact information to myself (simoATneotuliDOTnet) or Paul (paulATarchlinuxDOTorg), for checking and inclusion in the official AUR. A patch can be created by using the following subversion command
svn diff
Redirecting the command's output to a file, then sending that file, works great.
Please don't forget to include contact information about yourself, and don't bother submitting a translation if you are not willing to maintain it. That is, we don't want to end up having to remove support for some languages because there are too many untranslated strings.
ALSO NOTE: Lines that are not translated appear blinking in the AUR.

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See TRANSLATING in the AUR source tree for the most up to date, and relevant information.
This document describes how to create and maintain AUR translations.
All you need is yourself, git, and python.