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This document describes how to create and maintain AUR translations.
All you need is yourself, subversion, and python.

Creating a New Translation

Before beginning, please make sure that subversion and python are installed. Also, please do not translate if you are unwilling to maintain or find someone to maintain the translation. This is due to the fact that the AUR is a rapidly evolving project and there are constantly new strings to be translated appearing. If the translations get too out of sync with the released versions, there will be too many untranslated strings for the translation to be usable, and it will have to be removed or disabled.

  • Check out the AUR source using subversion.
$ svn co https://xentac.net/svn/aur/trunk aur_src
  • Go into the AUR source and run translation_tool. translation_tool will interactively guide you through the translation process, simply answer its questions and prompts. If you wish to stop at some point during the translation, you may kill translation_tool using Ctrl+C. If you later wish to continue the translation, simply run translation_tool again, and it will continue from where you left off.
$ cd aur_src/web
$ utils/translation_tool
  • Add your new translation to version control
$ svn add --force lang/
  • Send a diff of the lang/ directory to either Simo (simo.archlinux.org) or Paul (paul.archlinux.org) for inclusion in the AUR.
$ svn diff lang/ > mytranslation.diff

Updating an Existing Translation

  • Update your copy of the AUR code.
$ cd aur_src
$ svn update
  • Run translation_tool, which will only prompt for strings that have changed or been added since the last translation.
$ cd web
$ utils/translation_tool
  • Add any new translation files to version control
$ svn add --force lang/
  • Send a new diff of the lang/ directory to either Simo (simo.archlinux.org) or Paul (paul.archlinux.org) for updating in the AUR.
$ svn diff lang/ > myupdate.diff