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Template:I18n links start Template:I18n entry Template:I18n entry Template:I18n entry Template:I18n links end This is a list of Pacman GUI frontends, designed to provide a graphical version of the CLI tool, pacman. The list includes Gtk2 based software, Qt based software, and a variety of System Tray Notifiers. None of these tools are officially supported.

Gnome/Gtk2 Pacman GUI Software


GtkPacman is a simple, but powerful frontend to the Arch Linux pacman. It is written in python, using pygtk, and is fast and stable. With gtkPacman, system management becomes matter of a button press. The last release for GtkPacman was in February, 2008.

KDE/Qt Pacman GUI Software


Shaman is a GUI for Arch Linux package handling. It is based on libalpm. This has a lot of advantages, from integration to speed. Also, queries and searches are performed faster than pacman, and with a high level of customization. Shaman can do everything a package manager usually does, including:

Installing/removing/upgrading packages
Searching/filtering packages
Package information
Database maintenance tasks

Additionally Shaman supports time based database updates, a RSS-feed reader for Arch Linux package news and editing the pacman configuration files.

System Tray Notifiers


Chase is a notification daemon for KDE4, created by the chakra project, Chase uses libapm to manage updates, is fully configurable and integrated with Shaman and the KDE4 desktop environment


alunn is a simple notification applet for the Arch Linux distribution. It will notify you whenever there are new package updates ready for Pacman or when news appear on the Arch Linux frontpage. Customizable commands to upgrade the system or read the news can be executed when clicking the notification icon.


Written in Ruby, uses Gtk. Shows an icon in the system tray and popup notifications (using libnotify) for new packages.


Pacupdate is a small application that notifies the user about new updates for Arch Linux. If pacupdate finds out that a update is available, it will display a notification in SystemTray.


PacMan frontend (tray update notifier) for GTK/GNOME/zenity/libnotify.

Inactive Software Packages