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[[fr:Assistants AUR]]
[[fr:Assistants AUR]]
[[ja:AUR Helpers]]
[[zh-CN:AUR Helpers]]
[[zh-CN:AUR Helpers]]

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zh-CN:AUR Helpers В данной статье приводится список вспомогательных интструментов для поиска и/или сборки пакетов из Пользовательского репозитория Arch.

Warning: Ни один из перечисленных в статье инструментов не поддерживается разработчиками Arch. См. [1].

Список графических фронтендов для pacman, некоторые из которых могут работать с AUR можно найти в соответствующей статье.

Список вспомогательных инструментов


aurbuild предназначен для загруки и сборки пакетов из AUR.


Цель aurget - предоставление простого, подобного pacman интерфейса к AUR, сделать AUR удобным, в независимости от того, желает ли пользователь найти, скачать, собрать, установить или обновить пакеты AUR.


Aurora is a very simple frontend for the AUR. It allows the user to install AUR packages, download the AUR packages (for manual installation) and also offers an AUR upgrade feature. By design, aurora does not wrap pacman.


Light'n'fast AUR and pacman frontend.


Aurploader prompts the user for an AUR username and password and will then upload PKGBUILD tarballs to the AUR. Before uploading each Пакет, the user is prompted to select a category. When the uploads have completed, the user is asked if the cookie file should be kept so that the script can be run again without needing the AUR username and password to be re-entered.


Note: По состоянию на 30.09.2010 активная разработка прекращена.

AurShell is a shell-like application. With plugins included, it's possible to build and install packages from AUR, ABS, and even wrap pacman.


autoaur is a script for automatic mass downloading, updating, building, and installing groups of AUR packages.


burp is a fast and simple AUR uploader written in C. Supports persistent cookies for seamless logins.


Note: По состоянию на 18.07.2011 активная разработка прекращена.

Clyde is a next-generation libalpm/makepkg wrapper with AUR support, multithreaded downloading, and colorized output.


Cower is a fast and simple AUR search and download agent, which will also check for updates and download dependencies.


haskell-archlinux is a library to programmatically access the AUR and Пакет metadata from the Haskell programming language.


Makeaur is a wrapper for pacman and makepkg that allows users to easily install packages from the Arch User Repository.

Meat ( Alpha / Under development )

Meat is a front-end for cower ( see above ) and it is fully written in bash.


Pacaur is a fast workflow AUR wrapper, using cower as backend. It aims on speed and simplicity, with an uncluttered interface. It is inspired by pbfetch.


Packer is a wrapper for pacman and the AUR. It was designed to be a simple and very fast replacement for the basic functionality of Yaourt. It has commands to install, update, search, and show information for any Пакет in the main repositories and in the AUR. Use pacman for other commands, such as removing a Пакет.


pacmoon is a script for compiling arch linux packages from the AUR and repositories. It can automatically install make dependencies as binaries when necessary and update the entire system or just packages listed. It keeps track of which files have been compiled so that in the event of compiled packages getting replaced with a binary (like during an upgrade process) then pacmoon can recompile only the necessary packages.


Paktahn is a yaourt replacement. It is under active development and already includes improvements such as a local cache for fast searches and interactive installation.


Pbfetch is a script which can be used as a pacman-independent AUR helper or a pacman wrapper with additional AUR functionality. Pbfetch aims to be a simple and fast versus the well established yaourt. Pbfetch can be used as a shortcut to simply download PKGBUILDs from AUR or automatically build with dependency resolution among other things. The user can select which AUR packages to upgrade using a simple menu as well as update all AUR packages.


Pbget is a simple command-line tool for retrieving PKGBUILDs and local source files for Arch Linux. It is able to retrieve files from the official SVN and CVS web interface, the AUR and the ABS rsync server.


pkgman is a script which helps to manage a local repository. It retrieves the PKGBUILD and related files for given name from ABS or AUR and lets you edit them, automatically generates checksums, backs up the source tarball, builds and adds the Пакет to your local repository. Then you can install it as usual with pacman. It also has AUR support for submitting tarballs and leaving comments.


powaur is a minimalistic AUR helper with a pacman-like interface.


Spinach is a tiny Bash AUR helper with few dependencies.


srcman is a pacman/makepkg wrapper written in Bash, which transparently handles pacman operations on 'source packages'. This means, for example, that packages can be specified for installation either explicitly (pacman's -U operation) or can be installed from a (source) repository (-S operation). The address of an AUR pacman database can be found in the corresponding Форум thread, by the way. The primary goal of this project is to provide a complete pacman wrapper and therefore, srcman supports all current pacman operations for binary and source packages.


Note: Начиная с 05.04.2011 развитие проекта прекращено.

tupac is a pacman/yaourt wrapper. The main difference between tupac and the rest of pacman wrappers is that it caches the local Пакет database, so it gives you really fast operatibility even in environments with low resources (low RAM, slow disks). It also gives you two advanced features: checking for missing installed files and checking for files that are not owned by any Пакет.


Yaourt (Yet Another User Repository Tool) is a community-contributed wrapper for pacman which adds seamless access to the AUR, allowing and automating Пакет compilation and installation from your choice of the thousands of PKGBUILDs in the AUR, in addition to the many thousands of available Arch binary packages. Yaourt uses the same exact syntax as pacman, which saves you from relearning an entirely new method of system maintenance, but also adds new options. Yaourt expands the power and simplicity of pacman by adding even more useful features and provides pleasing, colorized output, interactive search mode, and much more.

Сравнительная таблица

Программа Язык Поддержка зависимостей Поддержка репозиториев Core/extra/community Активно разрабатывается Использование
Aurget Bash [Да Yes] [Нет No] [Да Yes] see aurget --help
AurShell Python [Нет No] [Нет No] [Нет No] aursh (запускает Aurshell, где используется определенный набор команд)
Aurora Python3 Базовая (при помощи makepkg) [Нет No] [Да Yes] см. aurora --help
Clyde Lua [Да Yes] [Да Yes] [Нет No] Идентично pacman'у (например, clyde -S <имя_пакета>)
Cower C [Да Yes] [Нет No] [Да Yes] см. cower -h
Makeaur Bash [Нет No] [Нет No] Создан форк makeaur <имя_пакета>
Pacaur Bash, backend in C (cower) [Да Yes] [Да Yes] [Да Yes] Идентично pacman'у, со специфичными для AUR аргументами. См. также pacaur -h.
Packer Bash [Да Yes] [Да Yes] [Да Yes] Идентично pacman'у (например, packer -S <имя_пакета>)
pacmoon Zsh [Да Yes] [Да Yes] [Да Yes] Идентично emerge из portage pacmoon -av <имя_пакета>
Paktahn Lisp [Да Yes] [Да Yes] [Да Yes] Идентично pacman'у (например, pak -S <имя_пакета>)
pbfetch Bash [Да Yes] [Да Yes] [Да Yes] Идентично pacman'у, со специфичными для AUR аргументами (доп. аргументы для редактирования PKGBUILD и т.п.)
powaur C [Нет No] Ограниченная [Да Yes] Идентично pacman'у (например, powaur -S <имя_пакета>)
tupac PHP [Да Yes] [Да Yes] Updated under request Идентично pacman'у (например, tupac -S <имя_пакета>)
Yaourt Bash, бэкенд на C [Да Yes] [Да Yes] [Да Yes] Идентично pacman'у (например, yaourt -S <имя_пакета>)