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During install:
During install:

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During install:

  • Booted with acpi=off to keep from hanging on acpi module loading
  • Had to drop to other console, wipe partition table with fdisk before cfdisk would work


  • Booted with acpi=off to keep from hanging on udev events
  • Updated kernel
  • Installed broadcom-wl
  • Updated system
  • Install Xorg

Updated kernel:

  • downloaded latest kernel26-firmware and kernel26 and installed via usb stick and pacman -U
  • reboot

Installed broadcom-wl:

Package from http://repo.x-demon.org/ (http://repo.x-demon.org/archlinux/os/i686/)

In rc.conf:

MODULES=(wl !b43)

Fixed ifnames: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Broadcom_BCM4312#Interfaces_swapped_every_time

Updated system:

# pacman -Syy

# pacman -S pacman
# pacman -Syu
# pacman -S powerpill

Install X:

# powerpill -S xorg openbox firefox (dont install xf86-video-vesa, xorg-twm)

In rc.conf:

DAEMONS=(... @hal ...)
# powerpill -S xf86-video-intel xf86-input-synaptics

When i started x, i had to press fn-f7 (the one with the hand/touchpad on it) in order to enable the touchpad