Acer Aspire One Games List

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This wiki page is about which games run on the Acer Aspire One. And about tweaks to make them run better.


  • Ensure your X is running with DRI.
 glxinfo|grep render  # must say yes
 glxgears  # should say something between 750 and 1000 fps 

(I know, glxgears is no benchmark, but as we all have the same hardware and most probably the same drivers it can be used as a point of reference)


==== Teeworlds-0.4.3 a fast-paced 2D multiplayer shooter

  • runs perfectly, out of pacman


slow-paced strategy like "the Settlers 2"

  • runs perfectly, out of the box from aur installation


realistic team oriented multiplayer FPS based on the Cube engine

  • runs with little slowdown out of pacman
  • Tweaks:
    • not yet added



Nintendo 64 emulator

  • most games are running with little slowdown (NTSC games have about 56fps instead of 60fps)
  • Tweaks:
    • disable "frame skipping" to avoid flickering in games


Super Nintendo emulator

  • all tested games work perfect


World of Warcraft


  • runs with very low fps, but only on aspire one with at least 1gig of ram
  • Tweaks:
    • not yet added