Acer Travelmate 370

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Doesnt work

  • Nothing


  • Infrared
  • Modem

Works Poorly

  • SD card reader
    • Driver is new and somewhat unstable. sdricoh_cs [1]
  • Hotkeys
    • Driver is unmaintained. acerhk [2]


  • Wireless
    • ipw2100. Needs firmware pacman -S ipw2100-fw
  • Audio
    • snd-intel8x0, blacklist snd-intel8x0m
  • Suspend To Ram (s2ram)
    • acpi_sleep=s3_bios on kernel boot arguments
    • Option "VBERestore" "on" in xorg.conf (using i830 xorg driver)
    • Occasionally needs to run "vbetool post" when the mouse cursor dissappears on resume. may be fixed by using SWCursor instead?
  • Touchpad
  • Everything not listed