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Installing Adobe Air

Get adobe air from the AUR

$ yaourt -S adobe-air-sdk

Installing an Air application

Download the application, and unzip it to /opt/airapps/<appname>

To run it you can use the command

$ /opt/adobe-air-sdk/bin/adl -nodebug /opt/airapps/<Application name>/META-INF/AIR/application.xml /opt/airapps/<Application name>/

Making an executable

You can also make an executable by creating a file in /usr/bin

 #! /bin/sh
 /opt/adobe-air-sdk/bin/adl -nodebug /opt/airapps/wimp/META-INF/AIR/application.xml /opt/airapps/wimp/

now chmod the file so that it can execute

$ chmod +x filename

Now you have installed an application in air. Yes it is this silly :P

Removing an AirApp

Delete the application folder in /opt/airapps also delete the executable if you created one.