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From [1]: "AgenDAV is an open source multilanguage CalDAV web client which features a rich AJAX interface with shared calendars support".


Install the AgenDAV package agendavAUR (AUR).


You must provide a SQL database to AgenDAV. Here is a PostgreSQL example.

Install PostgreSQL according to the article. Create a agendav user and database:

# createuser agendav
# createdb -O agendav agendav


When the database is setup, you must manually populate it:

# psql -U agendav agendav < /usr/share/webapps/agendav/sql/pgsql.schema.sql
# bash /usr/share/webapps/agendav/bin/agendavcli dbupdate

Make sure you enable the (or whatever database you used) and extension in php.ini.

Edit the configuration files /etc/webapps/agendav/{config,caldav,database}.php to your liking.

Serve the app via apache /etc/webapps/agendav/apache.example.conf, nginx/php-fpm /etc/webapps/agendav/nginx.example.conf or some other webserver.