Allow a program to continue after logoff

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Never had the need of starting a program and let it continue its work even after you left the workstation?

This How-to is about some way you achieve this goal with easy. You have to do different things if you need to keep going a console application (mutt, centerICQ, rtorrent, ...) or an X application (gaim, graveman, ...) so there is a section for both cases.

Console applications

The program that allows to detach a console application is screen, to install it just use pacman:

$ pacman -S screen

screen have many other functionalities, we will use only the one we need. Read man screen for more details.

You should modify /etc/screenrc the global settings file to add two settings. Use your favorite editor to edit
and add those two lines in the bottom:
vbell off
startup_message off

This allows screen to start without delays and it won't make a ugly screen flash when a bell should be heard.

Now, starting screen in any console will... just delete the screen... apparently. Actually screen is working and it gave you a new shell, inside this shell start your application and when you want leave the workstation press ctrl+a d. The console will return in the state it was before calling screen. But your program is still working hidden.

To restore your program just start screen -r, where r of course means restore. You will be in the exact place where you left it. Even if you closed the window or logged off!