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Amarok is a music player and organizer for Linux with an intuitive interface. The 1.4 version is the most recent one back from the KDE3 days, with KDE4 came Amarok 2.x. However, you might still be interested in running this obsolete version, because the developers have not yet and/or do not want to port all the 1.4 features to 2.0, they see it as an entirely different program.[1]

On the other hand, if you have never used Amarok 1.4 before, you are better off trying Amarok 2.x.



Build and install amarok1 from the AUR.


If you are a KDEmod fan, you can just add the kdemod-legacy repository as described in its article and install amarok via:

pacman -S kdemod3-amarok


Integration with Gnome

See here for visual integration of the main GUI. There are also various plugins that allow Amarok to use libnotify instead of its own OSD, for example: LibnotifymaroK


Scripts can be found either directly from within Amarok (Tools/Scripts/Get new scripts) or at the search, when you select Amarok Script as type.

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