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See symbols ( if an admin comes here, thanks to upload the file and edit that please... )


See Android_Tethering

adb & android-sdk

To install adb tools and android-sdk, simply install it from AUR :

packer -S android-sdk

root tricks

Linux distro on the sdcard

You can install Debian like in this thread, or you can adapt it to install archlinux. You should replace all debootstrap stuff by

mkdir -p /data/local/mnt/var/{cache/pacman/pkg,lib/pacman}
pacman --root /data/local/mnt --cachedir /data/local/mnt/var/cache/pacman/pkg -Sy base

SIP client

This solutions can put your smartphone as a SIP phone.

with an existing SIP provider

You should install sipdroid from Android market.

without an existing SIP provider

Take a look to fring from Android market.