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This gives you some hints on OpenOffice, please notify me if you want to change something in the wiki (tpowa - package maintainer). The packages are not source compiled packages; only OO.org's binaries are packaged for pacman.

OpenOffice 1.1.4 Setup


  • Download the base
# pacman -S openoffice-base
  • You must install a language pack, otherwise it will not run! (English is not included)
# pacman -S openoffice-XX (where XX is a language)
  • Spell Checking requires additional packages!
# pacman -S openoffice-spell-XX (where XX is a language)


OpenOffice quickstarter is available for KDE

# pacman -S oooqs


  1. Run '/opt/openoffice/setup' to setup OpenOffice for a regular user
  2. Run 'soffice' to start OpenOffice.

OpenOffice 2 Setup


  • Download the base
# pacman -S openoffice2'
  • Language packs can be installed as follows: (English is included in the base)
# pacman -S openoffice2-XX' (where XX is a language)
  • Spellchecking requires addional packages:
# pacman -S openoffice2-spell-XX' (where XX is a language)


Run '/opt/openoffice2/program/soffice' to setup OpenOffice2 for a regular user on first startup and to start OpenOffice2.

Known Issues w/OO2

  • If you can't read/write on NFS disks edit /opt/openoffice2/program/soffice you may have to disable file locking by commenting out :
# file locking now enabled by default

Known Problems

  • If you OpenOffice fails to start, verify that you have proper permissions in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, by looking at youryour DRI settings.
  • If in doubt, this configuration should work:
 Section "DRI"
 Group "users"
 Mode 0660
  • Or, if you don't want to enable DRI and related stuff, run it as ROOT