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Shift Linux

Shift Linux was a work in progress that aims to be a desktop distro based on a solid Arch foundation. Since May 8th, 2009 it isn't developed anymore. Read more about here:

"Anyone interested in developing a Linux distro should consider helping out Firefly Linux. It's a great project that spawned from Shift." - Simon on



"Our goal with Chakra is to provide a operating system for desktops that is easy to use, but still has all the functionality, clarity, power and speediness of a KISS operating system. In the long term, we want to build an operating system based on Arch Linux that meets most requirements desktop users have today, like easy installation of software, graphical system administration, configuring power management on mobile devices or sharing an internet connection."

The creators of the famous KDEmod project have put together a very polished distro, based on Arch and KDEMod (of course). Tools like Shaman, Arxin show the gradual shift towards a more graphical UI oriented Arch derivative. Nonetheless, the project maintainst the KISS principle of Arch, even though the Tribe installer on the Live CD provides more of the 'you don't have to know what's inside' philosophy. The installed system however is a pure ArchLinux + KDE4 + Shaman with some artistic touches.


Firefly Linux

Firefly Linux is an easy to use and friendly Linux distribution based on Arch Linux, with openness, size, and usability in mind. There are two versions of Firefly Linux: Firefly, and Float.

Firefly Linux itself is bigger, with a full-er desktop based on Gnome, one of the most popular desktops on Linux. The download is 621MB, and it installs in 2.1GB.

Float is a smaller Firefly, which uses XFCE, also a popular desktop for Linux. That’s just about the only difference you’ll notice between the two for now, but we plan to gear Float towards the fluffy Internet Clouds in the future, and create wonderful ways to work with the Cloud on tiny computers called “netbooks”. Floaty is a 385MB download and 1.3GB installation.