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=== The Arch Linux Anthem ===
=== The Arch Linux Anthem ===
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Ending all's distro shuffle.<br>
Ending all's distro shuffle.<br>
At Arch, the keen can warm and snuggle.<br>
At Arch, the keen can warm and snuggle.<br>
=== About the dumb composer ===
This was composed by Ashok Gautham (a.k.a) ScriptDevil

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The Arch Linux Anthem

Rarely does one, a distro, see,
That has the good reason to be;
Not just to put in packages,
But to take linux/gnu to new stages.

Pacman is one in a million,
Given free, worth a zillion,
Can handle binaries well and fast;
This is one package manager to last!

Many a distro came up to serve,
But none had the right learning curve
Its policy is Keep it simple silly,
Clearly unlike Windows of Mr.Billy!

While others for the second best strife,
We got the best distro for our life!
Ending all's distro shuffle.
At Arch, the keen can warm and snuggle.