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=== OpenStreetMap ===
=== OpenStreetMap ===
One rendering of the map is hosted by [https://a.tiles.mapbox.com/v3/alux.h81a0lik/page.html?secure=1#3/55.13/21.80 MapBox]
One rendering of the map is hosted by [https://a.tiles.mapbox.com/v3/alux.h81a0lik/page.html?secure=1#3/55.13/21.80 MapBox], this to be updated manually by [[User:Alux|alux]].
The ArchMap on Mapbox has to be updated manually by [[User:Alux|alux]].
=== Google Maps ===
=== Google Maps ===

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The ArchMap project creates a map of Arch Linux users all over the world.


ArchMap was originally created by xterminus. He created jpeg files that could be downloaded from this page. However, he didn't have the time to maintain them anymore, so he dropped the project.

When Google Earth for Linux was released, brain0 recreated the project.

The third version of ArchMap was based on Google Maps.

ArchMap is now developed in the open on GitHub, this iteration was started by alux.


Here's a screenshot of how it used to look:


All of the code to generate your own .geojson file is up on GitHub. The repo also contains pre-generated .geojson and .kml files.

If you have any suggestions please post them here or create an issue in the repo.


One rendering of the map is hosted by MapBox, this to be updated manually by alux.

Google Maps

To display the coordinates in Google Maps, enter this link to the .kml file into the search bar. Here is that search.

Google Earth

You can add the coordinates to Google Earth permanently:

  • Right click on "My Places"
  • Go to Add -> Network Link

You can refresh the data by right-clicking the ArchMap folder and selecting "Refresh".

List yourself

Go to the ArchMap List page and use the Edit button to add yourself to the World Map. Use decimal coordinates; positive numbers mean north and east, negative numbers mean south and west, resp. The comment is optional.

The maps are regenerated whenever there has been some activity on the list.

Finding your coordinates

Find your coordinates at

US Residents may also use