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We are ArchLinux

Note: I have not updated the map in a while and activity has really died off. If someone else wants to generate the maps - let me know and I'll send you all of my scripts and data. Xterminus - Sat Apr 15 17:51:37 PDT 2006

Zoom In a Little

If you don't think your country belongs on map X, go duke it out in the Forums and blame it all on uneducated Americans. :)

List yourself

Use the Edit button at the top of this page to add yourself to the World Map run by xterminus. Use decimal coordinates; positive numbers mean north and east, negative numbers mean south and west, resp. The comment is optional.

Find your coordinates at

US Residents may also use

Note: These maps are automatically generated at a random time during the day when fcron decides I have a low CPU load. To speed things up, ask xterminus on #archlinux.

Please add yourself to the end of the list.

Other Maps

For the record, there is also a Frappr map:
Mindtriggerz also maintains a social networking map of the #archlinux IRC channel: