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We are ArchLinux

Note: I have not updated the map in a while and activity has really died off. If someone else wants to generate the maps - let me know and I'll send you all of my scripts and data. Xterminus - Sat Apr 15 17:51:37 PDT 2006

Zoom In a Little

If you don't think your country belongs on map X, go duke it out in the Forums and blame it all on uneducated Americans. :)

List yourself

Go to the ArchMap List page and use the Edit button at the top of this page to add yourself to the World Map run by xterminus. Use decimal coordinates; positive numbers mean north and east, negative numbers mean south and west, resp. The comment is optional.

As xterminus isn't maintaining the above Maps any more, work on a Google Maps .kmz file has been started by brain0. You can download it here.

Find your coordinates at

US Residents may also use

Note: These maps are automatically generated at a random time during the day when fcron decides I have a low CPU load. To speed things up, ask xterminus on #archlinux.

Please add yourself to the end of the list.

Other Maps

For the record, there is also a Frappr map: