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ArchWiki это способ создания документации сообществом. Вся документация сделана людьми для людей.


Основная цель ArchWiki является предоставление Arch Linux сообществу пользователей наиболее полной и наиболее доступной документации на вебсайте. Это всемирный проект со множеством участников со всех уголков земного шара. Wiki охватывает The Arch Way с уважением к простоте. ArchWiki постоянно развивается и процветает сотрудничество, всегда есть возможности для совершенствования.


Одна из главных целей ArchWiki охватить все аспекты компьютерного использования Arch Linux. Начиная от медиа центра до управления корпоративными сетями, всего Arch Linux может достичь вместе с ArchWiki.


The primary goal of ArchWiki may be grandiose, and thousands of articles are required; ArchWiki must offer a simple and intuitive way of accessing all the information. This is not a simple task, but typical Arch ingenuity and imagination will prevail.

The arch-wiki-docs package available in [community] offers users the ability to download a local copy of ArchWiki content. See this forum discussion for details.

How it works

ArchWiki is maintained by several administrators and thousands of contributors. Users edit and organize articles to offer readers the best in Arch Linux documentation. Most articles are not written by a single person, but represent a cumulative effort of many people that correct erroneous information, update outdated articles, and otherwise keep improving the ArchWiki contents.

How you can help

ArchWiki is maintained by volunteers. Maintainers are never too numerous, and help is always needed. If you feel capable of editing wiki pages, consider donating some of your time and energy to the community.

Please see Getting Involved#Wiki to discover ways to contribute. Tasks on ArchWiki can roughly be divided into the following:

Content creation

Ensure you understand the philosophy of ArchWiki and think about what others may want to read (see Requests for ideas). As mentioned, the wiki's scope is quite wide. See the help category for articles on content creation.

Talk to the admins for help coordinating major projects.

Content editing

Content editing, proofreading, and updates are never-ending tasks on any wiki. If you want to help, just register an account and start performing your magic. See Help:Editing for details.

Content management

Sorting, categorizing, and moving articles around has become a major task for all wiki maintainers implementing and improving the category tree.


If unsure where to begin, or you feel awkward about editing other people's work, you may also contribute by posting ideas and suggestions at Forum & Wiki discussion section of the Arch Linux Forums.

Technical maintenance

Use the Arch Linux Bugtracker to contribute fixes and improvements to the MediaWiki codebase.


Список координаторов ArchWiki можно найти на странице ArchWiki:Administrators.


  • Hosting is graciously provided by the Arch Linux team