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{{Expansion|Add some general introduction from [https://github.com/archlinux/archwiki/pull/20] or the ML.}}
{{Expansion|Add some general introduction from [https://github.com/archlinux/archwiki/pull/20] or the ML.}}

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Reason: Add some general introduction from [1] or the ML. (Discuss in ArchWiki talk:Access levels and roles#)

Access levels

Access levels are groups with a non-empty set of granted rights.

  • user is the default group for all users.
  • autoconfirmed is an automatic group for users with at least 20 edits and 3 days since their account creation. [2]
  • cosysop is a group for trusted community members. It is assigned manually to the members of specific roles.
  • sysop is a group for highly trusted users who are responsible for administrative tasks like page deletion or user blocking. They also have all rights of the checkuser group which is created automatically by MediaWiki.
  • bureaucrat is a group for sysops who can grant access levels and roles to other users.
  • bot is a group for ArchWiki:Bots.


Roles are groups with an empty set of granted rights. The purpose of roles is to clarify the main function of the user in the wiki.

  • maintainer is a group for the ArchWiki:Maintenance Team members.
    • All maintainers have at least the cosysop access level. Maintainers with the sysop access level are called administrators.
  • translator is a group for active members of an ArchWiki Translation Team.
  • archdev is a group for Arch Developers.
  • archtu is a group for Arch Trusted Users.
  • archstaff is a group for users with other roles within the Arch Linux community.