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This page exists as a redirect target for archived pages. Visit Category:Archive or Special:WhatLinksHere/ArchWiki:Archive for listings of such pages.

If among the archived pages you find some that could make sense to instead redirect to an existing article, please do so.

How to archive a page

Before archiving a page, consider redirecting it to a more suitable existing article; if none can be found, follow this procedure:

  1. The page should have been marked with Template:Archive for at least 1 week.
  2. Remove all the links (backlinks) that point to the page to be archived or one of its redirects, by looking at its Special:WhatLinksHere page.
  3. Replace the whole content with a redirect to this very page, and categorize the page under Category:Archive:
    #redirect [[ArchWiki:Archive]]
    Tip: This can be done more quickly with Template:AR:
  4. Fix any double redirects that may result from the archiving of the article, i.e. all the titles that were previously redirecting to it should be equally archived as specified at step 3.