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! User !! Name !! Extra groups !! Contact
! User !! Name !! Extra groups !! Contact
| [[User:Kynikos|Kynikos]] ([[User talk:Kynikos|talk]]) || || administrator, bureaucrat || [[Special:EmailUser/Kynikos|dario<span style="display:none;"> {nospam} </span>gio<span style="display:none;display:inherit;">va&#64;gm</span>ai<span style="display:none;"> {nospam} </span>l&#46;com]]
| [[User:Kynikos|Kynikos]] ([[User talk:Kynikos|talk]]) || Dario Giovannetti || administrator, bureaucrat || [[Special:EmailUser/Kynikos|dario<span style="display:none;"> {nospam} </span>gio<span style="display:none;display:inherit;">va&#64;gm</span>ai<span style="display:none;"> {nospam} </span>l&#46;com]]
| [[User:jasonwryan|jasonwryan]] ([[User talk:jasonwryan|talk]]) || || administrator || [[Special:EmailUser/jasonwryan|jasonwryan@gmail.com]]
| [[User:jasonwryan|jasonwryan]] ([[User talk:jasonwryan|talk]]) || || administrator || [[Special:EmailUser/jasonwryan|jasonwryan@gmail.com]]

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The Maintenance Team is ArchWiki's official group of users whose goal is supervising and fixing the edits that are made every day to the articles in the wiki.

Maintainers belong to a particular group of wiki users with special rights. Administrators and bureaucrats are maintainers with higher access levels, see ArchWiki:Access levels and roles.


Active maintainers

Active members of the maintenance team are listed in the following table. Maintainers are periodically and automatically sorted in descending order by their number of edits in the previous 30 days.

Use the discussion tab above each page for page-specific comments. Use ArchWiki talk:Maintenance Team for generic remarks.

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Reason: Explain who should be contacted with which issues. (Discuss in ArchWiki talk:Maintenance Team#)
User Name Extra groups Contact
Larivact (talk) Send Email
nl6720 (talk) Send Email
Lahwaacz (talk) Jakub Klinkovský administrator, bureaucrat j.l.k@gmx.com
Svito (talk) Send Email
Kewl (talk) Send Email
Alad (talk) administrator, bureaucrat Send Message
Francoism (talk) Send Email
Pypi (talk) Send Email
Graysky (talk) graysky@archlinux.us
Fengchao (talk) administrator Send Email
Lonaowna (talk) administrator Send Email

Inactive maintainers

The following maintainers are currently inactive (less than 10 edits in the last 30 days):

User Name Extra groups Contact
Kynikos (talk) Dario Giovannetti administrator, bureaucrat dario {nospam} giova@gmai {nospam} l.com
jasonwryan (talk) administrator jasonwryan@gmail.com
Silverhammermba (talk) Send Email
Rdeckard (talk) Send Email
Chazza (talk) Send Email
Neitsab (talk) Send Email
Edh (talk) Send Email
Det (talk) Send Email
Indigo (talk) administrator ialbrecht@gmx.net
Kycok (talk) Send Email
Skydiver (talk) Send Email
Flu (talk) Send Email
Emiralle (talk) Send Email
jstjohn (talk) Send Email
Filam (talk) Send Email
AlexanderR (talk) alexanherrder.r@gmx.com
Misfit138 (talk) administrator pitsker@gmail.com
pointone (talk) administrator desmondgc@gmail.com

How to join

Official maintainers are usually chosen by the administrators among the most active and collaborative users of the wiki, and personally invited to participate in the team. You can also explicitly present yourself as a candidate by contacting one of the administrators.

Common requisites for becoming a Maintainer are:

  • Familiarity with community and wiki guidelines; will to collaborate and discuss with the other team members.
  • Some free time and the commitment to contribute regularly enough.
  • Patience, accuracy and tidiness.
  • Experience in wiki editing and good knowledge of wiki syntax.
  • Good knowledge of the structure of the ArchWiki and its style rules.
  • Sufficient knowledge of Arch Linux and the subjects treated in the articles, or willingness to do some research or discuss with the edits' authors when fixing content-related issues.

If you are interested in joining the team, you can start making yourself visible to the community by helping with the common tasks, in particular help out with patrolling and contributing to the discussions that take place in the various talk pages.

New members get announced in the ArchWiki:News.

Once elected, members should add their username to the table above and also add a special tag in their user page: [[ArchWiki:Maintenance Team|ArchWiki Maintainer]].

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