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The ArchWiki Maintenance Team is an official group of users whose goal is supervising and fixing the edits that are made every day to the articles in the wiki.

The workflow is organized as explained with the following pseudocode snippet:

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#RC Patrollers check the recent changes
for each patroller:
    for each edit or group of edits:
        if the edit has not been reported yet and is questionable[1]:
            if the edit requires a quick fix[1]:
                fix the edit
                add a quick report

#Report Solvers try to fix some quick reports
for each solver:
    while the solver has some free time:
        qreport = choose a quick report[1]
        if qreport can be fixed:
            fix qreport
            delete qreport
        else if qreport deserves a discussion[1]:
            start a discussion in ArchWiki:Reports
            delete qreport

#[1]: decision is subjective

Recent Changes Patrollers:

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  • A
  • B

Report Solvers:

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  • C
  • D