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     testing indent
     testing indent
     testing indent
     testing indent
El proyecto [[Xorg (Español)|Xorg]] provee una realización con código abierto del sistema X Window – la base de una interfaz gráfica. [[Desktop environment|Entornos de escritorio]] como [[E17 (Español)|E17]], [[GNOME 3 (Español)|GNOME]], [[KDE (Español)|KDE]], [[LXDE (Español)|LXDE]], y [[Xfce (Español)|Xfce]] proveen una interfaz gráfica completa. Varios [[Window manager|window managers]] ofrecen entornos alternativos y originales, y se pueden usar solos para conservar los recursos del sistema. [[Display Manager (Español)|Administradores de pantalla]] proveen un mensaje de conexión gráfico.

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You can use this page to practise editing the wiki.

test dl dt dd

this si paragraph 1

ths is an other par ag

raph and another on

C source code that should not be preprocessed.
C++ source code that should not be preprocessed.
Objective-C source code. Note that you must link with the libobjc library to make an Objective-C program work.




test test

Test < > chars in pre and code

this < is < sparta >

what is this thing <doing> <<< >>> here



Third heading

This is a para also

Fourth heading

Me too
New line

bold and italics

Bold and italics are in five apostrophes

Fifth Level Heading

no indent

more indent
and more

asdf asdf2




bold and italics


no indent

indent indent

Code block

Hello World program
#include <stdio.h>
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
  printf("Hello World!\n");
  return 0;
  • bullet list
  • again
    • indent
      • more indent
  • bullet

Link to pacman pacman Bold textItalic text link title

strike out

test: asfd

Note: This is a note.
Note: This is another note
Warning: Failure to understand these instructions may result in legal action depending on your jurisdiction.

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   testing indent
   testing indent