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{{Article summary start}}
{{Article summary text|This is a short summary}}
{{Article summary end}}
{{Related articles start}}
{{Related articles end}}
''You can use this page to practise editing the wiki.''
''You can use this page to practise editing the wiki.''
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[[Wireless Setup]]
* Ako je ESSID zaboravljen ili je nepoznat, upotrebite {{ic|/sbin/iwlist <interface> scan}} da skenirate mreze u okruzenju.
# iwlist wlan0 scan
* Ako mreza ima  WPA enkripciju:
Upotrebom {{ic|wpa_passphrase}}, omogucite vasoj vajrles mrezi i WPA kljucu da bude enkriptovan i zapisan u /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf

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You can use this page to practise editing the wiki.

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