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Inline <code>monospace</code>.
Inline <code>monospace</code>.
== TEST (test) ==
Is this how I write stuff underneath?
Is this how I link to [[Wine]] ??
<s>Is this how I link to [[wine:PlayOnLinux.2fPLayOnMac|WINE#PlayOnLinux]]</s> < - Nope.
Is this how linking pages works? [[wine:PlayOnLinux.2FPlayOnMac|Wine#PlayOnLinux]]
<s>Tell me I have it... [[wine:#PlayOnLinux.2FPlayOnMac|WINE#PlayOnLinx]]</s> < - Im glad we have a sandbox!
This should work: [[wine#PlayOnLinux.2FPlayOnMac|WINE #PlayOnLinux]]
''I GOT IT'' '''YES!''' '''''TEST OF BOLD AND ITALICS'''''
<s>Is this how I [www.google.ca LINK] to an external site?</s> < - Requires https??
[https://www.google.ca Take me to google!] < - does this work?
    Yup! Also code tags work. 
::More indent?
:::Looks good to me.
== man pages ==
== man pages ==

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You can use this page to practise editing the wiki.



this is paragraph 1

this is another paragraph and another one.

C source code that should not be preprocessed.
C++ source code that should not be preprocessed.
Objective-C source code. Note that you must link with the libobjc library to make an Objective-C program work.


test spoiler:
Cada uno es como Dios le hizo, y aún peor muchas veces.
test test
I can't live, if living is without 'U'

Test < > chars in pre and code

this < is < sparta >

what is this thing <doing> <<< >>> here


Third heading

This is a para also

Fourth heading

Me too
New line

bold and italics

Bold and italics are in five apostrophes

Fifth Level Heading

no indent

more indent
and more

"No andes, Sancho, desceñido y flojo, que el vestido descompuesto da indicios de ánimo desmalazado."

Ingredientes, panqueques con manjar!!

Ingredientes Arch

* 2 Unidades de Huevos
* 1 Taza de Harina
* 1 Taza de Leche
* 1 Cucharadita de Aceite
* 1 Pizca de Sal
* Manjar (dulce de leche)
* 1 Paquete de Azúcar flor para decorar

Code block

Hello World program
#include <stdio.h>
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
  printf("Hello World!\n");
  return 0;




  • first bullet
  • second bullet
    • nested bullet
  • third bullet


  1. first point
  2. second point
    1. nested point
  3. third point


definition term
some description

Bold textItalic text link title

strike out

test: asfd

Note: This is a note.
Note: This is another note
Note: The creation of these notes has been note-iced ;)
testing indent
   testing indent
Lorem Ipsum
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin egestas, magna non sollicitudin commodo, sapien elit semper sapien, adipiscing consectetur nisi ipsum ut elit. Sed ac neque ut nulla tempor porttitor. Mauris interdum. Cras feugiat sodales nibh. Proin neque turpis.

Template sandbox

Section for testing Template:Sandbox.

message. {{{2}}}(Testing message.)

Just test.The Testing message. fox jumpsover a {{{2}}} dog.


Just test.The Msg fox jumpsover a Second dog.

Code blocks

<i>foo</i> [[bar]]
foo bar
foo bar

Inline monospace.

man pages






intro(1) - explicit URL should be removed

intro(1) - empty URL should be removed

intro(1) - arbitrary URL should be removed when the other template parameters make up a valid URL


mount(1) - wrong number

introintro(1) - wrong name

archlinux(7) - wrong URL

intro(1) - invalid section

mount(1) - empty url= parameter should be preserved







rofi - Rofi

sway-wlroots-gitAUR - Sway using wlroots