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==The Idea & How It Works==
#redirect [[ArchWiki:Archive]]
Thanks for the idea, [[User:Canyonknight|Canyonknight]]!
Everyone is invited  to post spamnicks here in the format of
to make it easy for the sysops to check if the suspicion is right.
This format results in a link where all contributions of that nick can be accesed easily:
It is clear, that this is only a temporary solution, confer to the current [http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?t=19876 discussion] in the forums for a long term solution that is still to be found.
'''It would be nice if the wiki admins would check this site regularly and delete/block the listed spammers to support the people in their daily fight against spam!'''
==The List==
Blocked spam accounts should be deleted from time to time to keep everything neat here :)<br>
A list of blocked IP addresses and usernames can be accessed under [[Special:Ipblocklist]]
[[Special:Contributions/Synthetic|Synthetic]] -- blocked <br>
[[Special:Contributions/Mepitans|Mepitans]]-- blocked<br>
[[Special:Contributions/Meep|Meep]] -- blocked<br>
[[Special:Contributions/Sdfsdf155|Sdfsdf155]] -- blocked      <br>

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