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(The List: added: Dayve)
(The List: added: Ruca, Yyf811124)
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[[Special:Contributions/Shagman|Shagman]]  -- blocked    <br>
[[Special:Contributions/Shagman|Shagman]]  -- blocked    <br>
[[Special:Contributions/Dayve|Dayve]]            <br>
[[Special:Contributions/Dayve|Dayve]]            <br>
[[Special:Contributions/Ruca|Ruca]]            <br>
[[Special:Contributions/Yyf811124|Yyf811124]]            <br>

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The Idea & How It Works

Thanks for the idea, Canyonknight! Everyone is invited to post spamnicks here in the format of


to make it easy for the sysops to check if the suspicion is right.

This format results in a link where all contributions of that nick can be accesed easily: Hellwoofa

It is clear, that this is only a temporary solution, confer to the current discussion in the forums for a long term solution that is still to be found.

It would be nice if the wiki admins would check this site regularly and delete/block the listed spammers to support the people in their daily fight against spam!

The List

Blocked spam accounts should be deleted from time to time to keep everything neat here :)
A list of blocked IP addresses and usernames can be accessed under Special:Ipblocklist

Torke -- blocked
Flaze -- blocked
Halcyon -- blocked
Dommac -- blocked
Mootar -- blocked
Bismarck -- blocked
Shagman -- blocked