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To facilitate administration, everyone is invited to list users that post spam or otherwise vandalize the wiki in the format of:

* [[Special:Contributions/<SPAMMER>|<SPAMMER>]]

This results in a link where all contributions of that nick can be easily accessed:

As it is clear that this is only a temporary solution, confer to the (not so) current discussion in the forums for a long-term solution that is still to be found.

The list

Blocked spam accounts should be deleted from time to time to keep everything neat.

Two not so old

And two older

I have found a couple more, but I don't know if it makes sense to block them (they are from 5 years ago). Are you happy to see such ... diligence or should I seriously give myself a break?

A list of blocked IP addresses and usernames can be accessed under Special:Ipblocklist.