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Tango-edit-cut.pngThis section is being considered for removal.Tango-edit-cut.png

Reason: This page was used to report spammers, but now it's useless, and ArchWiki:Reports, ArchWiki talk:Administrators or an admin's talk page should be used. Blocked accounts are listed in Special:BlockList. It's better to redirect this title to ArchWiki:Reports. (Discuss in ArchWiki talk:Spam#)

To facilitate administration, everyone is invited to list users that post spam or otherwise vandalize the wiki in the format of:

* [[Special:Contributions/<SPAMMER>|<SPAMMER>]]

This results in a link where all contributions of that nick can be easily accessed:

As it is clear that this is only a temporary solution, confer to the (not so) current discussion in the forums for a long-term solution that is still to be found.

The list

Blocked spam accounts should be deleted from time to time to keep everything neat.

A list of blocked IP addresses and usernames can be accessed under Special:BlockList.