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Arch Translation Day is an international day dedicated to translating our ArchWiki. The goal of this action is connection of arch-users and translate as much pages as possible to our native languages. It should support our community and allows those, who does not speak English very well learn easier about Arch.


Arch Translation Day will take place the first Saturday of every month - day before the Bug Squashing Day.


Everyone who wants to support our community somehow or wants to express his thanks for ArchLinux, is invited.


Are you asking why? Because we all use Arch and we like it. We use it on our desktops and servers. We have it near at hand almost all the tim. This is the one way to thank that we can use it. We should definitely allow access to all pieces of information for whom the language is a barrier.


Create a new page and its translation

  • If you are not registered on this page, please register.
  • Login, for wiki editation.
  • Go on page you want to translate. If you don't know which page you want to translate, you can use the random page function or translate some page/s in the list of priority pages.
Just for example we choose Some Page
  • Go on the selected page and in the horizontal menu click on the edit item.
  • Just copy all page source code.
  • Afterwards go on Some Page page by typing following URL into your webbrowser.

Where Language is a language name.

  • Because the page doesn't exists, establish a new page by clicking on create in horizontal menu.
  • It shows a simple WYSIWYG editor - here you paste your copied page source.
  • After it translate copied page text and save everything properly.
  • Finally we create second archWiki page with a localized name. Go on
  • Establish a new page again and put this code into it:
#REDIRECT [[Xxxx Yyyy Zzzz]]

Where "Xxxx Yyyy Zzzz" is a localized name of page which you're translating.

If you don't know how to edit wiki pages, read the ArchWiki Tutorial.

List of priority pages

Here you can find list of pages, whose translation is the most important. If you translate page, please remove it from the list.

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Last Arch Translation Days

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