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Note: We are looking for somebody who can maintain this event - especially Slovak ATD.

Arch Translation Day 是一个集中进行 ArchWiki 翻译的日子。目标是集中 Arch 用户的力量,尽可能多的翻译页面。这个活动将会支持我们的社区,使不懂英语的人也能够学习使用 Arch。


Arch Translation Day will take place the first Saturday of every month.


Everyone who wants to support our community somehow or wants to express his thanks for ArchLinux, is invited.


Are you asking why? Because we all use Arch and we like it. We use it on our desktops and servers. We have it near at hand almost all the time. This is the one way to thank that we can use it. We should definitely allow access to all pieces of information for whom the language is a barrier.


请阅读 如何新增翻译.


Here you can find list of pages, whose translation is the most important. If you translate page, please remove it from the list.

No pages

There are many articles that only exist in non-English languages. You can find them on ArchWiki Translation Team.