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==How do I connect to my wired network?==
==How do I connect to my wired network?==
==What is this AUR thing I keep hearing about?==
See [[AUR Q & A]]

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Arch Linux Newbie FAQ

This page is intended to be a page to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Arch by new users. Feel free to add or modify any terms, but please use that particular section's edit option.

I'm completely new to Linux. Should I use Arch?

This is a much debated question. Some say that Arch is too complicated, others say that Arch is a good way to learn GNU/Linux. If you can read the wiki and use the forums effectively, and don't mind using the command line and editing config files, you can use Arch. If this doesn't apply, you might find it easier to start with another distro.

When will the next version of Arch be available?

Arch uses a rolling release system. Release versions are just snapshots of what is the latest in the repos. To get the latest versions of Arch, just update all the packages with

pacman -Syu

This will give the same system as the latest release. Snapshot releases aren't very often - they only happen when there are major updates to core Arch functionality, e.g. the reshuffle in repos.

I get an error every time I use pacman saying 'warning: current locale is invalid; using default "C" locale'. What do I do?

As the error message says, your locale isn't correctly configured.

  1. Run locale-gen as root to check that you didn't just forget.
  2. Look in /etc/locale.gen .Check that you have your locale uncommented.
    1. If /etc/locale.gen is empty, reinstall glibc
  3. Check that you have the same locale in /etc/rc.conf as in /etc/locale.gen .
  4. Run locale-gen as root again.

I have found an error in package x. What should I do?

First, you need to think about if it is an error in the program or an error in the packaging. It may be an upstream bug, in which case add the bug to the program's bugtracking system. If it is an Arch-specific error in the packaging, take the following steps:

  1. Search in the forums to see if anyone else has the same problem
  2. Notify the package maintainer (can be found by pacman -Qi packagename )
  3. Post a bug report to http://bugs.archlinux.org
  4. Describe the problem and give instructions to reproduce

How do i automount/mount something?

if you use gnome, install gnome-volume-manager

pacman -S gnome-volume-manager

now add yourself to the storage group

gpasswd -a your_user storage

If you don't want to use gnome-volume-manager, check out the AutoFS HowTo.

How do I reduce the amount of kernel modules loaded/shown in lsmod?

if you are using kernel26, edit /etc/mkinitrd.conf. Enable auto-detection of HOSTCONTROLlER and FILESYSTEMS.


if you are using kernel26beyond, edit /etc/mkinitramfs.conf.

How do I connect to my wireless network?

See Wireless Setup.

How do I connect to my wired network?

What is this AUR thing I keep hearing about?

See AUR Q & A